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Baraka Basenji is the name of the kennel run by Paul and Bill Bowlus-Root.  We have had Basenjis since the early 1990s, but it wasn't until 2001 that we became involved in showing, coursing, racing, and breeding them.

We are active members of the Evergreen Basenji Club (EBC), the local club affiliated with the Basenji Club of America (BCOA) (of which we are also members), the recognized breed club by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and we are members of the Basenji Club of Canada (BCOC).  We are also active in an African breeding stock program and have been invovled in Basenji rescue efforts.

We are very proud of our dogs and their many accomplishments, including conformation and coursing championships in AKC, CKC, UCI, ASFA, NOTRA, and LGRA.  We have always admired dogs that exhibit strong conformation to the breed standard while at the same time excelling in performance events.  Indeed a key breeding philosophy of Baraka Basenji is to strive for Basenjis that are versatile and well-rounded examples of the breed.

The title word 'Baraka' comes from an ancient Sufi word meaning a blessing, breath, or essence of all life from which the eveolutionary process unfolds, as a life-spring.  It seemed to capture just the righ affirmative spirit we wanted for our kennel.

Information about contacting Baraka Basenji can be found on the Contact Us page.  Or to enjoy some of the many pictures of our dogs and their exploits, go to the Gallery page.

About Basenjis as a Breed

Basenjis are an ancient breed originating in central Africa.  They are depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphs and were favorites of the pharaohs.  Today they can still be found accompanying hunting parties in Africa.  Like wolves or other wild canines they only have puppies once a year, typically around December.

Basenjis have many attractive characteristics; e.g., they don't bark, are very clean, and can be excellent for people with pet allergies.  But they also have a number of characteristics that can be problematic for people unprepared to deal with them; e.g., they can be extremely self-willed, don't respond to traditional discipline techniques, and don't stick around when you try to take them for a walk without a leash.  While they are generally good around children who precede them in their home, they may resent a newborn coming into their space, so care should be taken if bringing a Basenji into a growing family.  The long and short of it is that many people who don't do their homework on the breed have unrealistic expectations about a Basenji being a 'regular dog' (like a retriever or a spaniel), which they are most definitely not.  Those who investigate carefully and are still convinced the breed is for them will find a dog like no other and a match made in heaven.

If you haven't already, you should read through the info on the BCOA's website:  There are some good questions on what to ask a breeder and what to expect in the way of contracts for pets or show dogs.

For more information about Basenjis, visit the Links page.

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